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My names Alex Grayson and I own and operate ALX Pressure Cleaning.

We are a fully Insured, BSCAA Certified, SIF Sealer accredited Gold Coast based Exterior High Pressure Cleaning business that services all of South East Queensland.

Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Industrial professional pressure/soft washing techniques.

Have a look at our photo gallery to show the high end professional finishes we have completed for some of our customers.

We use the latest up to date 2024 manufactured commercial grade equipment. Hot water machines and pressure cleaning techniques.

 Upgrading our equipment and training yearly.

We are fast, efficient and competent in every job. Managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work. Which is why we pride ourselves in providing quick responses and open communication channels throughout the duration of each service.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, check out our 5 star Google Reviews.




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What kinds of properties can benefit from high-pressure cleaning services?

Our high-pressure cleaning services are primarily suited for commercial, industrial and residential properties. We can power-wash interior and exterior spaces and surfaces using hot or cold water with maximum efficiency to achieve perfect results every time. Some of the properties that we have pressure cleaned and benefited greatly from our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Properties

  • Council, Entertainment venues and Stadiums 

  • Schools, College Campuses, Universities and Childcare Centers

  • Municipal buildings and public gathering spaces

  • Factories, Shopping Centers, Retail Exteriors and Car Sales Yards

  • Swimming pools, Tennis Courts, Cricket Pitches

  • Exercise/Fitness areas, showers and locker rooms

  • Petrol Stations and Car wash areas using our hot water machines

We are the only high-pressure cleaning company you will need anywhere along the Gold Coast, from Logan to Ipswich to Tweed Heads and Brisbane. Our state-of-the-art high-pressure cleaning vehicles and equipment is fully mobile and able to travel to your location quickly!

Our promise to you

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in all areas pressure cleaning. With years of training, they are equipped to handle any job with care and take pride in giving our customers the best results possible. As our 5 Star google reviews show.

Contact us

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing you the best service possible, we have got you covered.

We pride ourselves in our quick response turn around. So contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. Please feel free to get in touch by emailing Admin on or calling Alex directly on 0477 778 719.


Alternatively, please fill out the form above. Leave your details, photos of the areas that need cleaning and any comments you think are relevant. A member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible. We can discuss your requirements and give you a fast, obligation-free quote.

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Soft Wash

Roof Cleaning 

House washing

Shade Sails

Solar Panels


At ALX Pressure Cleaning we specialize in soft washing.

Delivering a Soft Washing technique that is a “Low Pressure”, Safe, Eco-friendly alternative high pressure cleaning process ideal when a more gentle pressure washing approach is required. This pressure cleaning technique can be used for Industrial pressure cleaning, residential pressure cleaning and commercial pressure cleaning helping you achieve the results you need. 
By utilizing our 12 Volt low pressure washing pump system we are able to apply a customized high pressure cleaning solutions to houses, walls and concrete exteriors for the removal of mould, algae, dust, insect nests, cob webs, general dirt and staining.
Soft washing is an extremely fast, low impact high pressure cleaning service ideal for exterior building cleans whether residential,  commercial or industrial that require high pressure cleaning.

The ability to clean multi levels such as buildings, schools, high rises, multi story homes. Or large areas such as body corporate units quickly without the need for up-close high pressure cleaning will result in a longer lasting,  more even finish without the dangers of paint or substrate damage. Also completing the job in a efficient time frame which enables us to have the areas finished and looking amazing for our clients. 


Pressure Washing

Commercial / Industrial / Residential

Schools / Body Corperate

Factories / Store fronts / Shopping Centres

Car Parks / Tennis Courts



Pool areas

Concrete Areas

Gutter Cleaning

Unsightly mould, dirt build up, cobwebs and insect nests can be very unappealing and unsightly.

 As house washing experts we specialize in Commercial pressure cleaning, Industrial pressure cleaning and Residential pressure cleaning.

Using the latest high pressure cleaning commercial equipment available in the Sprintjett Industrial Pressure Cleaner and Trailer.

This pressure cleaning machine is designed for professional exterior cleaning, it is fitted with a Honda GX630 engine, 4000psi @ 21 L/min high pressure pump, 200L water tank, 50m of 3/8” pressure cleaning hose. Along with our powerful equipment we also use a three stage process to remove mould spores that stops them growing back in the near future.  Using a combination of commercial grade solution, and a specialised anti mould treatment along with our high pressure cleaning equipment. This allows for quick and efficient high pressure cleaning of all mould, dirt and spores from your house, driveways, paths, roofs, tiles and concrete areas.

Water Drops
Water Drops
pressure cleaning solar panels

Solar Panel Cleaning

Soft washing

We are competent in the safest Australian standard procedures when washing solar panel units.  

We use a Pure Water Pole Fed technique when washing  units to ensure they are cleaned in a safe and efficient way.  

This method uses low pressure to clean bird and animal droppings, mould, litchen and dirt build up on your panels. Which results in maximum efficiency that solar panels can provide. This keeps them functioning at the highest standards to ensure owners receive the maximum benefits

As solar panels capture sunlight as a source of radiant energy. It is recommended that solar panels be cleaned yearly to keep them functioning at maximum capability for maximizing your ongoing electricity rebates. 

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driveway pressure cleaning

Concrete Sealing


Pool Areas

Concrete Paths

We are SIF Sealer accredited applicators.

Having completed a SIF sealing course to ensure we utilize the products efficiently with a seamless application.

At ALX Pressure Cleaning we not only are house washing experts we specialize in concrete sealing. We provide a wide range of concrete sealing services. Whether your looking to seal a new driveway to an existing shed floor or carpark, no space is too big or small. We have the experience to assist you in delivering an impeccable end product. 

Concrete Sealing is a great way to save the life of your driveways, pool areas, shed area, paths and all concrete areas. When Sealing we use our high pressure cleaning technique before applying a high quality commercial gloss based sealant. This provides premium damage  protection and acts as a barrier to your driveway, concrete paths, sandstone or aggregate as concrete is a porous material and will absorb moisture and oil based stains. It will also help to remove oil and dirt stains quicker if your concrete is sealed and protected. 
As the Sealant acts as a weather and chemical barrier. Providing protection against mould build up and resisting chemical stains. Whe n choosing to seal your concrete areas you are also making it easier to pressure wash keeping it looking new and increasing the longevity of the area.  

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pressure cleaning schools - alx pressure cleaning

Schools and OHSC

Concrete Areas

Paths / Stairs

Shade Sails

Solar Panels


We are experienced in School and After School Care high pressure cleaning. We have many contracts with repeat clients as we 100% guarantee our work and will go above and beyond to guarantee our clients satisfaction. 

Using Soft washing and High pressure cleaning on Schools and After School Care Centres enables the high traffic areas of concrete and paths to be cleaned efficiently, restoring the concrete to look new again.

Our hot water system is able to remove grease, grime and dirt that cold water alone can not lift. This is especially effective in common eating areas.

These cleans can be completed after hours or on school holidays as we are very flexible with our trading hours as we realise that the centres need to be empty. 

commercial pressure cleaning - gas station

Petrol Stations

Concrete / Asphalt Areas

Oil / Grease / Petrol

Stain Removal

We are experienced in Petrol Station cleaning.

We  have the latest 2023 hot water unit that removes grease and oil build up. Using this technique is invaluable to getting stains out of concrete effectively, giving our clients the reassurance that the job is completed to their satisfaction.   

At ALX Pressure Cleaning we realize the need for this to be completed after dark with minimum foot traffic. We have cleaned many petrol stations bringing the concrete areas and around the bowsers back to new again. Free of petrol and oil spill stains. Using our hot water machine and the latest commercial equipment available in the Sprintjett Industrial Pressure Cleaner and Trailer. This machine is designed for professional exterior industrial cleaning. It is fitted with a Honda GX630 engine, 4000psi @ 21 L/min high pressure cleaning pump, 200L water tank, 50m of 3/8” pressure cleaning hose.

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residential pressure cleaning

Body Corperate / Real Estates

Pressure Cleaning

We service all aspects of Body Corporate work and work with numerous Body Corporate Managers and Real Estate Agents needing to get quotes for their clients. Whether it is a stair well for a complex or a house and driveway wash for a house sale. 

Our services vary and include High Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways, Visitor Carparks, Stairs, Paths, Pool Areas, Fences, Tennis Courts, Pontoons.

External cleaning of Buildings and Unit walls, gutters, facias, eaves and windows. 

We 100% guarantee our work. Give us a call today for a free quote. We will attend the property so we can meet and give and accurate quote price. We look forward to offering you our complete list of professional services. 


Factory Cleans / Shop Front Cleans / Graffiti Removal  

Pressure Cleaning

Using our Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment and Solutions, we are able to efficiently wash large square footage concrete areas in a timely manner. This includes large industrial pressure washing of factories, shop fronts, car parks and shopping centres, 
Our hot water system allows us to remove grease, oil, grime and mould build up leaving the concrete looking fresh and clean. This enables us to provide a quick and timely service that our customers have been accustomed too. 

We have specialized graffiti removal techniques and solutions that allows us to completely remove graffiti from all surfaces restoring it back to new.

ALX pressure cleaning service truck

Professionalism and integrity

ALX Pressure Cleaning is a high-pressure cleaning company with years of experience and knowledge in the industry. We use the latest commercial-grade pressure washing equipment and guarantee no more powerful or effective way to pressure clean and achieve incredible results. 


We know that reputations are earned and not gifted, so we fully focus on providing the best possible high-pressure cleaning services available with the quickest response time.


ALX Pressure Cleaning is a name you can trust — we will always offer free quotes and fair pricing with no hidden costs after the job is done.


What is high-pressure cleaning?

High-pressure cleaning involves using a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt of all kinds from the surfaces of durable objects and buildings. The water is typically pressurised to 5,000 to 10,000 psi, is exceptionally powerful and can be very damaging if not handled correctly.

How to prepare for high-pressure cleaning?

As our client, there’s nothing major you need to do to prepare for our high-pressure cleaning services other than to remove any items you don’t want to get wet. If the surface requires the addition of detergent or other cleaning solutions, then your ALX Pressure Cleaning technician will assess the situation fully on arrival and handle all that for you.

What can you clean with a high-pressure cleaner?

The range of objects and surfaces you can clean with high-pressure cleaning equipment is huge, provided the amount of pressure is carefully considered and adjusted.

How much is high-pressure cleaning?

The cost for high-pressure cleaning is completely dependent on the nature of the job, the size and composition of the materials in question and the amount of time it will take to clean. 

Get in touch with ALX Pressure Cleaning today and we guarantee that we will quote you the best price possible.

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